How Zone Bowling Does Birthday Parties Post Covid-19

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As we slowly return to the norm; the school routine, the after-work grocery run, and the always fun weekend catch ups with friends and families, we want to take a moment to share what a Birthday Party at ZONE BOWLING looks like as we turn the fun back on.

Here at Zone Bowling we are proud to be the home of birthday parties and the connoisseurs of fun; however, we are adding to our list of credentials to become the Heroes of Hygiene, keeping things safe while you PARTAAAAY.

We will welcome you and your birthday child to the birthday of the year, with instant access to sanitiser to start things off with clean hands, guide you to the party area, and then get the party started.

During the party, the Birthday child and guests will be using the following:

  1. Freshly cleaned bowling balls and laser tag equipment
  2. Cleaned arcade games, with sanitising wipes available
  3. Signs and guides on how to keep 1.5 meters apart
  4. Freshly cleaned bowling shoes
  5. Sanitizer stations available around the venue

When we get to our delicious party meal, personally our favourite part because who doesn’t like snacks? (Okay good no one raised their hands against snacks, we were worried for a second!) Our kitchen health and safety practices follow the highest standards in the world. To add peace of mind, we have bio-degradable food packaging to serve your food if you prefer, spread out table seating and all drinks will be served in bottles with lids.                           

Now, the extra bonus of having a birthday party with Zone Bowling:

  1. Less Stress: Parents, we got your back, we will run it all, you put those bowling feet up, and enjoy all the smiles on the kids’ faces
  2. Memories: No not the song from Cats, the ones where you and the family look back and remember the laughter, the enjoyment and look forward to the next bowling party!

So, are you ready to PAAARRR-TTAAYYY?

We are working with local council and government officials and are listening to our guests to make Zone Bowling a safe and fun space. For any concerns you might have we encourage you read more here or to give us a call.

See you soon at Zone Bowling!