How to make Laser Skirmish more like Hollywood


Hollywood has a way of inspiring us. Not just the glitz and glam, but the wham and bam of bullets and lasers zipping overhead, explosions in the distance and our favourite heroes screaming highly quotable one-liners.

You can bring a piece of this high-octane thrill into your time at ZONE BOWLING, which makes for a fantastic kids birthday party idea. Before you head into our awesome Laser Skirmish arenas, have a meeting with your youngsters and see if you can get some of these cool Hollywood moments into the game.

Action one liners

A solid, sassy line can make or break pivotal scenes in action flicks. Who doesn't still quote Arnie from 'The Terminator', looking staunch and saying, "I'll be back"?

Here's a fun party game for kids: When everyone has their power vests on, hand them all a secret one-liner card to memorise before going in. Whoever can say their line the most Hollywood wins a prize! Here are some examples for you.

  1. "I'm here to shoot lasers and chew bubblegum ... and I'm all out of bubblegum."
  2. "You call that a laser gun? This is a laser gun."
  3. "This. Is. Laser Skirmish!"

Heroic poses

If there's one thing that's almost as cool as a line, it's a pose or an action. There's just something sensational about doing a particular move - taking off one's sunglasses after a pun, for instance (we know it's from a TV show rather than a film, but it's just so iconic!) - that seals the one-liner deal. 

Add to your movie party theme by encouraging kids to try and pull awesome poses mid-game as well. They could earn extra points for doing this, especially when under heavy fire. Example poses include...

  1. The Superman: Fists firmly lodged into your waist, chest puffed out.
  2. The Rambo: Bent knees and holding your laser gun in one hand, shooting wildly (grimacing, too, if you want the full effect).
  3. The Terminator Crouch: Start the game on bended knee, as if you just came through a time portal. Stand up slowly, like a robot.