Make your own birthday FUN


Once you've picked the venue for your child's birthday party, the next thing on your mind will be sorting out the trimmings. Whether you have chosen a theme for the party, or just want to make the space more enchanting, at ZONE BOWLING we have a number of decor ideas that are unique, and more importantly, easy to accomplish!

DIY photobooth

Photobooths are all the rage right now, but you don't need to spend a fortune hiring a professional one to have the same fun. You can create your own DIY 'photobooth' by providing fun props and a backdrop for the guests to use. Try picking up funky objects from the dollar store, such as goofy glasses, and make fake moustaches and silly hats out of cardboard. You can easily customise a backdrop for the photos using an old sheet and spay paint. 

Fabulous balloons

Balloons don't have to be a party cliche, there are a variety of fresh takes on the classic decoration. Try putting smaller balloons within bigger balloons, rolling the tops in glitter, or filling them with confetti. Another original way to use balloons is to put glow sticks inside them for lighting effects. This idea would look great in the dim light of the ZONE BOWLING lanes.

Crepe paper creations

Crepe paper is a cheap option for party decor, and can be used in a range of different ways. Make a vibrant flag banner to hang from the ceiling by cutting the paper into triangles and attaching it to string, or tie together bunches of thin strips to create tassels. The great thing about crepe paper is that it's versatile, so select colours that suit the party theme or the child's tastes.

Handmade party hats

Forget the store-bought party hats, they can be made by hand at home! You can make crowns, cone style hats, top hats and bobbins. Then customise with paint, or covered with small strips of crepe paper for a more textured look. The benefit of a homemade party hat is that you can use this to help theme your party up.

These great ideas will help you make the party venue look fantastic. But if this all sounds too complicated for you, don't worry, ZONE BOWLING has you covered! With the array of activities on offer including laser tag, arcades, and ten pin bowling, the event is guaranteed to be a hit - so book your party with us today!