How to be the cool parent on your teen's birthday


Teenagers, right? If you have some, you can relate to that statement. Teens come in all forms, and seem capable of being every mood under the sun in a single week. Though it's great to watch your children blossom into adults, it can be hard to go from being the hero of their lives to a 'parent' (you'll never know how harsh that word can be until you hear it for yourself from a teen).

So how do you win back some favour and host a birthday party that will rank you back on the 'cool' scale? 

How to host a cool teen party at ZONE

There are many different factors to hosting a successful teenage birthday party, all of which will need to be considered in order to be successful.

For example, how old is your youngster? If the day is the big 1-8, your teen is legally allowed to drink, and may feel compelled to do so - either through social pressure or simple curiosity. Hosting your party at ZONE Bowling puts you in the perfect place to teach your child and their friends about how to drink responsibly, and you can keep an eye on everyone easily with the help of our friendly staff.

If you're looking at younger youngsters, drinking won't be an issue, but food still will be. Luckily, our party packages come packed with different food platters with all the goodies a growing stomach could want. 

Canada's Heretohelp organisation recommends providing entertainment at a teen party, in part to keep minds off alcohol. Luckily, with a ZONE BOWLING package you have access not only to our bowling lanes, but also Laser Skirmish (let them battle out their video game aggression for real, in a safe environment) and arcades as well! 

Lastly, keep your child in the loop at all times. If they help you plan the event, it'll be more to their liking.