How does ZONE BOWLING put the Partay in birthday parties


Your son or daughter's birthday is quite possibly the most important day of the year - at least in the family calendar, anyway. As much as we want the event to be a special occasion, it can become rather difficult to juggle both work and party planning at the same time.

Sometimes, giving them the best birthday bash can feel trickier than finding a car park near the supermarket entrance in the pouring rain, or getting a hole in one - and the odds of achieving that feat for an amateur golfer are 12,500 to one, according to Golf Digest. 

The good news, parents, is that the team at ZONE BOWLING take pride in being the champions of fun, and the home of birthday parties. We love throwing birthday parties, and have mastered the art by tailoring the specifics to kids, teens and even adult bashes. Our slogan 'The Home of Birthday Parties' is trademarked; that's how genuinely good our parties are! 

Here's how we make the special day one to remember: 

Our party packages are both economical and entertaining 

Choose from our different packages, and view the range of party opportunities available. Tuck into food and drinks, and get entertainment overload all from just $27.90 per guest. Whether you pick Bowling or Laser Tag, both packages offer arcade time play to the party guests.

We offer a handy party invite maker tool online 

Kiss goodbye the woes of finding a printed invite and mailing it out to everyone. Who keeps track of physical addresses anymore, anyway? And when was the last time we licked a postage stamp? Stunning party invites are just a few clicks away, just pick a style and email to your guests. 

Food, glorious food is prepared to share

Meal platters will be dished out for the party goers, so everyone can enjoy tasty treats throughout the shenanigans. Plus you can add on more yummy platters for the kids or the adults.

Guests are treated to spot prizes and the company of a ZONE BOWLING party host

Presents aren't just saved for the birthday celebrity. Their friends and family will be awarded prizes, and the presence of a party host who coordinates the entire party atmosphere is a huge gift to you parents, too.

Put up your feet and enjoy the party yourselves - what's the point of running around like headless chickens on the kids' special day? Cherish the memories in real time, not just by looking back at photographs. 

Save yourself the trouble of organising and the mess that comes after and book your birthday party at ZONE BOWLING.