Host a Commonwealth Games themed kids party


Struggling for a fresh idea for your kids party? Take a page from the international stage and theme your party around the Commonwealth Games!

Australia is one of just six countries that have attended every games held since 1930, and has hosted the event four times, so it's only fitting that you introduce your young ones to this national sporting institution. 

Here are some great theme ideas to get you started to host your party for kids

Dress the part

Let the kids know your outing is themed and that they should dress appropriately. You could turn up all in Aussie garb, with just green and gold/yellow clothes allowed, or you could introduce teams, where groups are split up into different nations. 

Play the part

You can host a party with several games to play or just stick to one. ZONE BOWLING centres offer the classic bowling alley, but also laser skirmish and arcade games. Depending on how much time you have, you can include as many of these are you like in your competition.

In your down time, you could even host a quiz section, where you ask the kids questions such as 'who was the youngest ever gold medal winner?' (Jenny Turrell, at 13 years 8 months for the 400m freestyle swim). With a kids party you can arrange a separate area to enjoy a special lunch or meal together, so this would be the perfect time to hold a pop quiz!

The awards ceremony

Finish the day with an awards ceremony. You can pick up fake flowers for participants and a bronze, silver and gold medal for your victors. You could even play Advance Australia Fair on your mobile phone (pop it in a glass from the bar to amplify it) as you hand out your prizes. 

Don't forget to talk to your local ZONE BOWLING centre to see if they have any further ideas to help with your party, or come up with more of your own!