Get over the back to school slump at ZONE BOWLING


This time of year generally elicits lots of moans and groans from kids and teenagers across the country. Mornings become a battle between the forces of the determined mum and the battalion of lazy louts who want to stay in bed. And evenings are spent trying to decode grunts and nods to figure out if the kids have actually finished their homework or not.

That's right - it's back to school time. Let's be frank, it's not easy on anyone, from kids who've enjoyed a blissful summer break doing nothing but having fun, to commuters who've enjoyed a pleasant and traffic-free ride to work for the last few months.

Despite the still-stellar weather, everyone comes out grumpy at this time of year!

With our finger on the pulse of the nation, we've detected the need for an immediate pick-me-up, and we know just the thing - a bowling party!

Get the party started!

If you've got an excuse, like a kids birthday party coming up, that's great! If you don't - make one up. Who needs an excuse for a party anyway? Besides, the hot weather is still alive and kicking, so everyone's still looking for a way to escape that sticky heat.

This party is sure to lift your kids and their friends out of the dreaded back-to-school slump. Not only are you guaranteed to have dangerous amounts of fun (WARNING: ZONE BOWLING cannot be held responsible for sore cheeks as a result of smiling too much at our parties), but we do all the work for you - you just turn up, grab your bowling ball and have fun.

Our kids parties are legendary. We provide the bowling (obviously), tokens for arcade games, plenty of food to have the kids buzzing around (sorry!), party bags to take home and your very own dedicated party host. There's even the option to play some Laser Skirmish, where kids can vent their back-to-school anger by shooting at each other.

As a famous philosopher (probably) once said: "I love parties at ZONE BOWLING as much as I hate going back to school!"