Get fancy with these kids' party fancy dress themes


The great thing about kids' birthday parties at ZONE BOWLING is that all the work is done for you. We look after entertainment, snacks, goodies and even throw in a dedicated host to make sure everything runs smoothly on the day - you can't ask for more than that.

One thing we can't look after, however, is making sure all the kids look the part. If you want to give your child's bowling party an extra bit of pizzazz, consider one of these fun fancy dress themes for their next birthday celebrating.

All the colours of the rainbow

The simple idea here is that every kid has to choose one colour and arrive wearing only that colour. Other parents will love the simplicity of this idea - anything that prevents them from rummaging around the attic looking for obscure costumes is a win!

If you can, co-ordinate it so that everyone chooses a different colour - maybe write on the party invitation which hue each person has been given. Or, you could divide up the bowling teams into colours for an extra bit of fun.

Action heroes

An ideal fancy dress them if your party includes a game of Laser Skirmish. Plus, kids love an excuse to paint their faces. Whether they go all decked out in camo, or paint on the manliest moustache and sideburns ever seen, there are plenty of face painting opportunities with an action hero theme.

This is another one where you can split up the costumes - one Laser Skirmish team has to dress up as the action heroes, while the other dresses as the gangster bad guys. It adds a whole other level of fun to the laser shooting antics, and just imagine the hilarious photo opportunities.

What other fun fancy dress themes have you chosen for your birthday parties?