Fun games for kids' bowling parties


It's pretty much recognised as a universal fact that children's birthday parties at ZONE BOWLING are the most fun it's possible to have.

Games of bowling, Laser Skirmish, goodie bags and a dedicated party host take the pressure off mum and dad and ensure that the birthday boy or girl and all their friends have an absolute blast. We use a specially designed laugh-o-meter to measure the fun levels at every single party and they always hit the top of the scale.

Some people want to add even more entertainment to a party at ZONE BOWLING in attempt to break our laugh-o-meter. If you'd like to try and send our machine's scale skyrocketing, here are some games you could play at your kids bowling party.

The Ten-Pin Challenge

Devise a list of challenges that each participant must complete on each bowl - one challenge per round. When it comes to kids having fun then the sillier the better. On round one they might have to bowl backwards. Next time they have to speed-sing as much of their favourite song as possible before the ball hits the pins. Then they have to do a silly walk as the bowl or bowl on one foot.

Award prizes to the child who completes each challenge best (remember to give everyone a prize - no-one wants to hear that precocious kid scream the house down because he didn't win that Toy Story pencil sharpener).

Bowling Bingo

Split the party up into smaller groups and give them each a 'Bowling Bingo' card. Instead of numbers, the card contains a grid of bowling challenges each team must complete - strike, spare, cutter ball, split, knock 5 pins, etc. Each challenge they complete gets crossed off their bingo card. The teams then race to be the first to fill in their bingo card.