4 ways to squeeze the most from your party budget


Whether you’re organising a party for your primary school-age or teen’s birthday, keeping to a budget is always important. Even your kids will be happy with you sticking to a set dollar amount – after all, that leaves more money for presents!

So knowing that organising a party can quickly get out of hand, here are some ideas to make your funds stretch further.

Make one plan – full stop

We’ve all been there: when the weather forecast shows rain, that lovely outdoor party turns to a pile of last-minute stress. You have to find a back-up plan, let all the party guests know about the change of location and set up the new venue – and that’s just the beginning of the hassle.

It’s not just the panic of busyness that gets you – the budget can really blow out in the last-minute rush, too. Suddenly you need extra decorations, more games and you have to fork out the cost of venue hire. Oh boy!

The good news is that the skies are always clear on the bowling lane. ZONE BOWLING parties can go ahead whether the skies open up with rain or become ridiculously hot.

Have your entertainment included

Whatever the party you’re hosting, entertainment is a must. But unless you manage to strike it rich, hiring entertainment on its own can be a deal-breaker.

Your best bet is to book a party that includes all the entertainment. When you book a ZONE BOWLING party, a dedicated party host ensures that the party is guaranteed fun and includes lots of games and laughter. This not only makes the celebration as easy as pie to organise, it’s the perfect way to manage your funds.

Invitations that set the party scene

Preparing the invitations should be the start of all the party fun, not a financial stress. It might seem like a little thing, but if your funds are tight then the invitations can push your party budget over the edge. With a ZONE BOWLING party, your invitations are included in the package you choose. You can even prepare them online, using one of our fun layouts, and print them straight out at home. 

Know your costs up front

One solution fixes every potential budget problem you can think of: an all-inclusive package means you know exactly how much you’re up for.

At ZONE BOWLING, our packages include bowling or laser tag, arcade tokens for extra fun, shoe hire, meals that kids love and a dedicated party host. You can choose between the One Star, Two Star or special Superstar Package depending on your budget and what your birthday kid will enjoy most.

Now there’s only one thing left to do … get this party started!