5 Reasons You Shouldn't Organise a Birthday Party Yourself


When you picture a birthday party, the you’re probably imagining bunches of balloons, piles of beautifully wrapped presents and lots of laughter. But the reality behind those idyllic moments is an exhausting tangle of planning and on-the-day logistics. All of which can distract from the very thing you’re meant to be celebrating.

But those tensions can be easily avoided. Here are five reasons to outsource the hard yards with a ZONE BOWLING Birthday Party package so you can enjoy your day as much as the birthday boy and/or girl.

Herding kids is a lot harder than herding cats

School teachers spend most of their time trying to keep 20 children’s attention on the one topic — and that’s without the extra hurdle of a whipped-up sugar frenzy! Hosting a kids’ birthday party is exhausting and stressful. At ZONE BOWLING, dedicated Party Hosts are there to ensure everyone’s having a great time bowling, laser tag or hitting the arcade.

Adults can be even harder to please

Of course, parties aren’t just for little ones – and it’s more difficult to get grown-ups interested in fairy bread and a round of “backyard statues”. Having a destination activity like bowling or laser tag means everyone knows what to expect from your event – and you have built-in bonding opportunities instead of awkward small talk while the canapés circulate. You could also indulge in a little bowling while the kids aren’t looking!

Too much food prep for too little reward

It’s easy to find yourself in the kitchen for a week in the lead-up to a party, crafting all those treats and snacks. And on the day, it’s a logistical nightmare to keep hot food hot, cold food cold and mess to a minimum – all so your guests can gorge on sausage rolls and mini-quiches. With a ZONE BOWLING Birthday Party package, you can get shareable platters (for a small additional fee), fun meals like hot dogs and sliders, or menu dining options – as well as someone to clear it away. And for adults, there are always beverages to hand!

Party games can end in warfare

Everyone will warn you that Pass the Parcel isn’t worth the hassle, but you won’t believe them until you see a circle of kids all trying to game the system. The same goes for a paper-mâché piñata that’s too hard for little arms to break open, or eat-the-doughnut-off-the-clothesline competitions that never seem to end. It’s much easier to build a party around activities such as on-lane games, Laser Tag battles and ticket blaster experiences, as well as with host prizes, that’ll keep the kids occupied until it’s time to blow out candles.

Clean-up is a nightmare

The day ends, you hand out lolly bags and collapse into your favourite armchair... only to discover some little darling left their cake-laden paper plate on the cushion beneath you. That’s before you gaze out at all the popped balloons, fluttering streamers, discarded plastic cups and tear-stained Pass the Parcel paper scattered across your house and lawn. Wouldn’t it be great if *ahem* someone else could tidy all that up?

That’s the tail pinned on the donkey – let someone else handle the labor so you can spend your energy on having fun and getting the perfect photo on the day.