Do you remember your first bowling party


Hark back to a few good years ago and remember that butterfly feeling of waking up on Saturday morning in the autumn of 1978. It’s your birthday party and your mum has spoilt you to a party at ZONE BOWLING. Your giddy with excitement and can’t wait for all your friends to turn up so you can get going off to bowling.

Your mum, being mum has already laid out your favourite outfit! You quickly rip off your pyjamas and jump into your birthday get-up, swinging around the banister of the stairs you fly down into the kitchen! Pancakes – can this day get any better!

The hours of the morning seem to drag on but then the clock strikes, you look to the wall in the kitchen and its 11:30. The first knock on the door… you jump off the stool and sprint to the front door. Presents, friends, smiles and laughter abounds. And then next you’re bouncing about in the car along to ZONE BOWLING.

Running through the doors of the ZONE BOWLING venue you and your mates are greeted by your very own party host. She gathers you around grabs your shoes and it is to the lanes for a bowl, a dance and some good fun. The day flies by with great food, laughs, lolly bags and so much more. 

We’ve been hosting kid’s birthday parties for many years and will be for many more to come. We see on average 280,000 kids run through our doors to celebrate over 30,000 parties a year. That’s a total of 56,000 tonnes of fries being chowed down and 77,000L of pop tops being slurped! And that’s not counting the hot dogs and nuggets. But just like your first bowling party we want those memories to last and become something that they remember time after time. So we make sure every child’s birthday is their own special moment! Capturing those memories so it’s something they can think of when their planning their own child’s birthday party. 

So instead of letting fear strike when it comes to creating that perfect day for that special one just remember we know how to host that amazing day. From the littlies right up to their tweens we have everything to make it a day of fun! They can smash it out on the lanes, battle each other in the ultimate laser arena or get their game on in with the multitude of arcade games. If they're really up to it you they can do all three with our superdooper package! No matter what they choose one thing we can guarantee is a hassle free day for you and legendary experience for the kids that will have them harking back to the good times in the years to come.