Bowling parties aren't just for kids


Bowling is an all-ages activity that anyone can enjoy, but some may hold the opinion that having your birthday party at the bowling alley might be restricted to those short in stature and young at heart.

However, one man has recently blasted the stereotype that birthdays at the bowling alley are not just reserved for kids parties, by celebrating his 100th birthday party at one!

Albert Hartman recently celebrated blowing out 100 candles with a surprise birthday party at Berks Lanes bowling alley, in Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania, according to an article published by WFMZ TV. This dedicated bowler has been into the sport for 50 years, and has spent the last 12 playing at this alley.

He bowls every day without fail, and accredits his longevity to bowling, as it has kept him active and moving even during older age. He's surprisingly competitive, too, with an average score of 165 - proving anyone can hold their own at this game!

The lucky birthday boy received free bus rides to the alley for summer from Berks Lanes on top of the surprise party.

Albert isn't the only one celebrating his special day at the bowling alley - celebrity Reese Witherspoon also enjoyed her 38th birthday at a bowling alley, too! According to E News, Reese posted a picture of herself and an electric blue bowling ball as she played a game with friends and family to mark the occasion.

From celebrities to those who have reached triple digits - these bowlers just go to show that you don't need to be under 15 years old to have a 'ball' for your birthday at the bowling alley.

If you love a competitive game and your birthday's coming up, don't rule out a party at the bowling alley - why not round up your friends and relive those nostalgic memories with a shindig at your local ZONE BOWLING alley