Bowling beats for children's birthday parties


Ever been to a silent party? We didn't think so! A birthday party just isn't complete without the perfect playlist to get your guests in an upbeat mood, and it's no exception with children's birthday parties at the bowling alley. 

Though bowling is bound to excite your child's guests no matter what, great music will set the stage even further. No matter what your child's style is, we've got the answer to your playlist dilemma - simply pick one of these ideas and get started!

1. Popular music

You just can't go wrong with the music of today, so pick your child's favourite radio station and compile the biggest hits from right now. Ask your child what his or her favourite song is at the moment and go from there - pick upbeat, fast-paced beats or sing-a-longs rather than slow ballads to ensure the mood remains positive. Katy Perry's "Birthday" is set to be a big hit, and it's birthday-themed - bonus!

2. Bowling-inspired

Why not take your cues from your venue and go with a few bowling-themed hits? There's been plenty of songs that mention the game of 10 pins over the years, such as "Hand Springs" by the White Stripes and "Let's Go Bowling" by Camera Obscura. It might pay to give bowling-themed songs a listen before the day of the party, just in case the birthday boy or girl decides they don't like the beat!

3. Fit the theme

If you've gone all out with a theme for your child's party, it makes sense to match the soundtrack, too! A jungle theme will suit African music - how about classics like "In the Jungle" from the film Lion King? A retro disco theme is perfect for the bowling alley, and 80s hits such as "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" by Whitney Houston are perfect!