Bowling Ballerinas and Bowler Howlers: Theme ideas for birthday parties


Everyone loves an excuse to dress up in funky and fun costumes, and birthday parties for kids are an excellent time to do so. But what makes the dressing up even more enjoyable is giving everyone a theme. Add onto this theme a fun and exciting venue for the party and you have hit the jackpot! 

So without further ado, here are two wonderful theme party ideas for your darlings, keeping in mind what girls would squeal over and what boys would yell hurrah over!

Bowling Ballerinas 

Think pink, think ballet, think fun. Invite guests to come to the bowling alley wearing tutus and ballet clothes, then mix it up with spunky bowling shoes instead of ballet slippers. Local dollar stores sell tutus at affordable prices, so if guests do not have any you can supply some at the party.

The best part of this theme is you can have fun performing ballet dance moves as the girls go down the aisle to bowl. Do a celebratory pirouette (turn) for every strike and a plie (bending the knees) with arms held high for every good score. Line the girls up along the bowling ball conveyer belt and get them to place one hand on the bowling balls and the other in the air in true ballet bar style! 

Ask one of our friendly party hosts to help keep the ballet mood fun for your little angels. They can dance along with the girls and help make their birthday a sweet and memorable occasion for years to come! 

Bowler Howlers

Every boy wants to unleash their love for the gruesome and gross, and a monster theme dress up party lets them do so gleefully.

Ask the kids to come dressed as creepy and scary creatures or monsters. You could organise face painting before arriving at the bowling alley. The best part of this theme is the different roars, growls, screams, howls and chants the boys can perform based on the scores and strikes. Strike 10 is a chance to do the biggest roar! 

We look forward to the fun with all of you! Why not make life easier by using our new online booking tool? Plan the party from the comfort of your home - it's just a click away!