Birthday party planning only a click away!


Parents organising a child's birthday party often wish they had a magic wand, so that with the swish of the wrist and the flick of a finger the planning could be complete.

Well, the internet is in many ways the magical land of today, speeding up many processes and saving us a tonne of time. So why should planning a party for kids be any different?

Your computer mouse can be your new magic wand, as birthday party planning is now only a click away with our new online booking system.

Once you select the centre closest to you, the snazzy booking tool automatically provides the available dates on a pop-up calendar. No more sifting through pages and pages of diaries!

You can also choose the times you want for the party, and note the birthday girl or boy's name and age. They are our guest of honour, and a birthday is the most special day of the year - so there's no better way to pump it up and celebrate than at ZONE BOWLING because we are the home of birthday parties! 

After feeding in all the details, the online booking tool will automatically take you through to the package selection page. Will the guests enjoy one game of bowling, or two? Would they marvel over an arcade package and have a field day with the vast range of arcade games?

To make your decision making easier, clicking on each package will open up a pop-up box on the right side of the screen and give you the low down on what is included. The power is in your fingertips as you click through the system and choose which options best suit your needs. 

You can enter in the number of guests, and even inform us of any food allergies or requirements during this step. Then things get yummy, as you can pick from our range of food platters as extras. The last step is confirming the booking with a deposit, and voila - you're all done! Take that, fairy godmother.