Awesome theme ideas for your kid's birthday party


All the cool kids know that when it comes to the ultimate birthday bash, nothing beats a bowling party at ZONE BOWLING. If you want your child's birthday to be the hottest event of every seven-year-old's calendar this summer, you might want to take it to the next level by giving it a killer theme.

The entertainment is sorted (bowling and arcade games, remember?) and the food too (yup, leave that to us) so you need to knuckle down and come up with an awesome theme that will have all the guests arriving in the wildest costume anyone has seen since the last time Lady Gaga went out in public.

Here are some top theme ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Throw a pirate pa-arrgh-ty

If only for the chance to spend an afternoon calling everyone 'me matey' and yelling 'AARRGH' at the end of every sentence, a pirate theme is totally worth it. Kids love getting their patch on and swinging a hook wildly through the air. For added effect, bring along a real parrot and teach it to say 'strike' every time one of the guests rolls a bowling ball.

Be a hero for a day

Superhero parties are a, forgive the phrase, 'super' idea for kids. The list of possible costumes is endless and they get to spend the day pretending they have superpowers. What could be better than that?

And, let's face it, every parent is looking for an excuse to rock a pair of blue spandex and a mask. Don't deny it, you know it's true.

Act it out at a mime party

This is the perfect theme for when a group of shouting kids becomes too much to handle. Kids love painting their faces, so getting dresses up as a mime will be great fun. The trick is convincing them they have to act like a mime throughout the party. If you can manage it, your ear drums will thank you.