No Hassle Birthdays at ZONE BOWLING | ZONE BOWLING


When it comes to hosting a birthday celebration, or any other event for that matter, it's definitely good to be a kid. You can rely on your parents to do the cooking, the cleaning up afterwards and every other aspect of organisation. This allows you to focus fully on what's really important - having a great time! As we grow older though, and have to organise our own parties, we realise just how much time and effort goes into even the most basic of functions. 

In some cases, the task of cooking, cleaning and booking entertainment can be so much of a hassle that it's not really worth the bother. That's no way to celebrate! Instead, take the stress out of the occasion by heading to your nearest ZONE BOWLING centre for the perfect party. Here are just three of the ways that our helpful team can lighten the load. 

1. Organising the entertainment

If you're hosting something at home, you'll need more than few plates of chips and dip to keep your guests entertained. After all, people have short attention spans, and need to be kept busy in order to have a great time. This isn't a problem at ZONE BOWLING. We've got everything from laser skirmish to ten pin bowling, ensuring that all of your attendees will be kept entertained all night long. This is especially true if you'll have guests of all ages. There aren't many activities that kids and adults alike can enjoy, but here at ZONE BOWLING all will be well looked after. 

2. Cooking the food

We all know that a party's not a party until the food and drink turns up. Whether a beer, chips and dip or a full meal, catering to the different requirements and tastes of a big group of guests can be a daunting (and expensive task). After all, it's not like they can order off a menu at your house like they can at ZONE BOWLING. As an added bonus, we've got plenty of meals that make a delicious birthday treat. 

3. Dealing with the aftermath

At the end of a great night, the last thing any of want to do is grab the vacuum cleaner and suck up crumbs. Having to tidy up is a real buzz kill, and your guests aren't going to stick around to help, leaving you with a big mess to tackle by yourself. At the end of your event at ZONE BOWLING, you can simply head home  - we'll take care of the cleaning! 

By taking the stress out of things, you can make sure that you get back to your childhood roots and focus on putting the fun back in function.