3 ideas for creating a themed kids party


If you've got a kids birthday party coming up, it might be time to start getting organised for party celebrations.

Once you've got the guests, the presents and the birthday outfit sorted, you'll need to pick a venue. Your local ZONE Bowling alley is the perfect location for parties for kids - children love getting competitive with a game of bowling or laser skirmish, plus we take the hassle out of preparing food and invitations for you!

Though the party activities are sorted with a ZONE BOWLING party, there's still room for creating a theme. Birthday boys and girls love themed children's birthday parties, and any one of these themes are sure to be a hit!

Jungle party

This theme is perfect for both boys and girls, plus it's easy to think up ideas for. Encourage your guests to dress up as their favourite jungle animals - we bet there will be plenty of monkeys! Then, create unique jungle party games - such as bowling in an impersonation of the animal you're dressed up as or best animal noise.

Mini Olympics party

If your kids are fans of the Olympics or Winter Olympics, an Olympic-themed kids party could be a great option. Create your own 'games' such as best bowler, fastest bowler, and most accurate bowler, then give out your 'medals' after the games are up! You could also make your own Olympic themed cake - in the shape of the Olympic torch or the iconic five rings, of course!

Bowling legends party

If you have kids that are into bowling, why not host a 'bowling legends' party? Encourage kids to impersonate their favourite famous bowlers, and create your own games around the players' achievements or quirky bowling styles. They could even give their best shot at bowling with two hands like famous Australian bowler Jason Belmonte!