3 Events To Celebrate at ZONE BOWLING | ZONE BOWLING


As a celebration destination, it's understandable that the first type of event that people associate with ZONE BOWLING is a great birthday party. These are certainly an important aspect of the functions we host at ZONE BOWLING centres - whether a 5th or a 50th!

Birthdays aren't the only type of events that we have here though - we've hosted almost every type of get together you can imagine under our roofs at one time or another. Here are just three examples of the many different celebrations that can be hosted at ZONE BOWLING.

1. Stag dos and hens nights

Getting married is an exciting event, and although many of you might love to make one of our bowling alleys your aisle, it does get a little bit slippery. Instead, it's a much better idea to have your bachelor or bachelorette parties here, where there's beer and wine aplenty, and a wide range of activates to keep you occupied. Whether that's bowling, laser tag or the arcade is completely up to the bride or groom, but don't forget to treat them to a delicious meal at the end of it all. They'll need the energy for the big day!

2. Team building

If staff hit a target at work, or enjoy a particularly successful quarter, an employer will often shout the team a night on the town. When it comes to choosing an activity, opt for something a little different and schedule in a night at your nearest ZONE BOWLING centre. Not only is this a great night (or day) out, but the different activities all present great ways to bond as a team - as well as generate a few great stories to tell around the water cooler on Monday morning.

3. Reunions

It may be a high school reunion, or simply a get-together with a group of pals you haven't seen in a while. Either, the first few minutes can sometimes be a little awkward as you try to familiarise yourself with what everyone's been up to. The best way to break the ice is to distract yourself and have some fun. Bowling is a fantastic way to do this, especially if it brings out everybody's competitive side and gets the banter flowing.

These are just three of the many types of function that take place at ZONE BOWLING centres across Australia. For more information, or to book, get in touch today.