3 birthday themes for your next birthday party at ZONE BOWLING!


If you're looking to throw an extra-special birthday party for your child at your local ZONE BOWLING alley in the next few months, we've got a few top-notch theme ideas to get everyone's excitement pumping!

Have an arts and crafts day prior to the day of the party, and get creative with the decorations.

Here are our top theme ideas to make your child's party at ZONE BOWLING even more fun!

1. Dragon theme

Kids love letting their imagination run wild with dungeons, dragons and fairy princesses, so why not incorporate it into your child's party? Encourage each guest to come as their favourite dragon, complete with homemade dragon wings! Bring paper 'dragon lanterns' to decorate the seats around your alley and even a few 'dragon footsteps' from the ball return to where they take their shot.

2. Superhero theme

Get each guest to show up in his or her favourite superhero costume - they can come as a well-known heroes like Spiderman or Supergirl, or come up with their own alter-ego. Have a large piece of paper painted with a cityscape that you can hold up behind your little heroes to take photos in front of in​ between bowls. Stick up 'Wanted' posters of the villains and perhaps even have one of the parents dress up as the villain and sneak around the alley - the kids will love pointing him out to the adult's response of "We didn't see anything!"

3. Pirates and Princesses theme

Combine pink, black and gold, with plenty of faux gold and jewels hanging from chairs and in treasure boxes. Girls and boys will love getting dressed up for this theme, and there are plenty of decoration ideas. Decorate one side of the alley seats with pink decorations, silver tinsel and marshmallows and the other side with black decorations, gold tinsel and bags of gold (chocolate) coins to each child. They'll love heading back to this base between each of their turns!