3 awesome Laser Skirmish game ideas for your next party


Laser skirmish at your children's birthday party doesn't have to be all chaos. With proper organisation it can actually be pretty tame (well ... you know ... as tame as kids are gonna be). Adding specific objectives to a Laser Skirmish game is not only extra fun, but helps build teamwork skills and bring some order to the awesome maelstrom of laser guns and dark rooms! Here are three examples of game types to try at your next party. 

Capture the flag

Capture the flag adds a singular objective that is easy to understand. There are two teams. Each team has a flag (e.g. a schoolbag or whatever else you could find). You have to grab the enemy's flag and plant it back on your own. Easy, right? Nope! If you get shot whilst holding the flag you have to drop it on the spot and go away to respawn. If you get to your flag and its not there, you can't score - both flags must be present to score! 


The laser version of the popular party game! There's one murderer, one detective, and a bunch of innocent bystanders. The murderer has to shoot as many innocents as they can without getting shot themselves (so they have to be sneaky). Innocents who are shot must sit down and remain silent - no telling! The detective, however, can ask them any question they like so long as they don't reveal the murderer's name! The murderer wins if they get everybody without being detected; the innocents win if the murderer gets caught or shot.

Zombie Apocalypse

Think zombie movies...with lasers. One player is a drooling zombie whilst the other kids are survivors. When the hungry zombie tags a survivor they have to return to the zombie starting area to awaken as one of the ravenous undead. Now the zombies have two members! The game continues in this fashion until only one survivor is left standing - they win! Zombies can respawn as many times as is required to munch everyone's brain.