Yellow vs yellow 2 arcades coming to ZONE BOWLING


When you're strapped for kids birthday party ideas, come to your local ZONE BOWLING centre and unleash the youngsters in our arcade areas. Not only do we have all the old classics, but we are bringing in new ones as well! 

In fact, we might just need them to come in and settle our latest arcade debate: Which yellow characters make for better party games: Simpsons or Minions? It's a toughie alright. 

Here's a bit about each. Which will you love more?

The Siiimpsoooooooooons ... Soccer

Are your young ones budding Ronaldos (or even, are you)? Well, Homer Simpson is coming to ZONE BOWLING to try and prove you wrong. Simpsons Soccer is a fun, physical game landing in many of our centres, offering a unique way to earn tickets. 

You need to kick a soccer ball up the ramp to score goals (and points), but that blasted Homer is in the way, and he's moving around to try and block you. Will you get the high score, or will you be yelling "Doh!"? 

Traigo ta daga Minions spaghetti

Farxi boo huma sama midole bedy cono yee ern les ipo wigjag imp. Oh, sorry, we mean Modern young people will probably already know and love these little yellow guys. Minions took the world by storm with the 2010 release of 'Despicable Me', and have continued to be firm favourites with the sequel and spin-off.

Now you can work out all your feelings on their little heads (and win tickets in the process!) by playing Minions Whacker, another of our new games. You'll earn big points for bopping these dancing little faces, and mega points for getting the purple ones!

This summer, let ZONE BOWLING be the ultimate school holiday activity centre so we can find out once and for all which characters are better!