Why car racing games at the arcade are better than anywhere else


There are so many different types of game to be found at your local ZONE BOWLING centre, but if we had to pick one genre that's most associated with arcades, it would have to be racing games. After all, is an arcade really an arcade if it doesn't boast at least a few faux cockpits? The answer is a resounding no, and in this article we're going to take some time to celebrate the big, unruly racing games you just can't play anywhere else.

So, just what makes arcade racing the best of the best?

Immersive action

We're not talking about realism here - that's not what arcade racing is about. Instead, the real point of difference between a game that you'd play at home and one you'd play at ZONE BOWLING is the scope and scale of the experience. There's nothing quite like strapping in to a proper bucket-style seat, grabbing the wheel and feeling the pedals responding beneath your feet. Once you've added in the sounds, large screen and sometimes even cockpit vibrations, it really does feel like you're out on the track. We're sorry but the couch and TV at home just don't compare. 

Crazy twists and turns

Most racing games that you'd play at home fall into the category of 'simulations,' where the objective is to closely recreate the feel of driving certain cars. That's all well and good, but not the type of action that people go to the arcade for! the racing games that you'll find at ZONE BOWLING are much wilder and far more unpredictable. You might find yourself driving a souped-up truck that can do backflips when taking a jump, or travelling through the air on a track that couldn't exist in the real world. The only rule is that there are no rules, and the only objective is to have as much fun as possible. 

A realistic competition

One of the main reasons people like games at the arcade is that they get an opportunity to directly compete with their mates. Obviously it's not a great idea to actually race out in public, but if you want to be able and taunt your buddy as you overtake them on the final corner - the arcade provides a responsible place to do so! Best of all, each racing game is slightly different, so there's always plenty of variation when it comes time for the next battle. 

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