How to be a Master Gamer | ZONE BOWLING


There is something deeply satisfying about hearing an arcade machine whirr and whoop as we win games or get to the next level. Arcade victory sounds are like our own personal cheerleaders, egging us on to do better and go bigger.

Here at ZONE BOWLING, we have a wide range of fun and exciting arcades to master. Why not polish your gaming technique by taking note of these skills?

Hand-eye coordination 

This is the most important skill in a gamer's arsenal. Quick reflexes can make or break a game, so it helps to pay close attention to the screen and react swiftly to any changes in the action. Improve your gaming ability through motor-skill building techniques such as playing catch with a ball, and eat plenty of carrots to keep your eyesight focused. 

Patience is a victory, not a virtue 

Don't lose heart if things turn to custard. Take a deep breath and remain calm, as patience can lead to many wins. Count to five before starting your next game if you loose the last round. 

Knowledge is power 

Absorb the rules of the game by researching online forums, as many tips and tricks will be noted in comments by other gamers worldwide. This is especially useful for learning quicker ways to advance to the next level or special bonus-point-winning tricks. Equipping yourself with this knowledge will give you a superb strategy to smash the scores. 

Raining coins 

Have plenty of loose change at the ready, so when you're in the ZONE BOWLING you don't waste any time losing concentration in between games. 

Practice makes perfect 

It's an age-old gem of advice, but it stays a jewel for a reason. Come back often and keep playing until your natural muscle memory can help you improve. 

The right mind-set: Get your game face on

Approaching the arcade with confidence and a desire to win can boost your likelihood of winning, much like a placebo effect on the brain. Saunter in like a victor and claim your prize!