The skill in skill testers: Tips from skill tester masters


Look. Everyone wants to be awesome at Skill Tester arcade machines.

We walk past them as we enter an arcade, catching a glimpse at the adorable soft toys inside, or maybe getting a craving in our sweet tooth for one of the chocolates within those glass walls. The only thing in our way is manoeuvring the console to help the scooper crane catch them and slide them through the door on the bottom, into our arms. 

Well, these masters have managed to do an excellent job with Skill Tester machines, and proved their prowess by uploading video evidence of their wins to YouTube. What tips can you learn from them?

YouTube user: Tamonichi

In this gamers opinion, "the chances matter on what position the toy is at, if it's a head shot [the crane] is most likely to get it at 60 per cent, if it's a body shot its like 30 per cent and if the toy has a small head and the crane makes a miss on its head but still managing to get it, its a 10 per cent [chance]". 

Take-away tip: Aim for toys that have their head facing upwards and are closer to the top of the pile. 

YouTube user: Morgan Morgalenko

The tactic used here by the gamer was to walk around the machine, peering through the glass from several different angles to figure out the best plan of attack before using the console. Similar to Tamonichi, he aimed for the head of the toy. 

Take-away tip: Don't rush in after seeing the toys. Take a trip around the machine so you check out every thing around your aim before getting your hands on it. 

Of course, it's tempting to go after a specific item, but ask yourself each time: is this the best use of my coins, or do I have a better chance with another things in here? Maybe the best skill this Skill Tester tests is your patience and strategy!

Good luck!