Out top 8 GOT theories ahead of the new season


Game of Thrones has become the most addictive show on TV. Here are eight of the best fan theories about what's yet to come.


The Game of Thrones full-length season six trailer dropped on March 9, and by March 10, it had already pushed the million-views mark.

We don't need to tell you why. This is one of the most enthralling, captivating and addictive shows since Breaking Bad, and it's got more of a chance to break the internet with one little clip than Kim K and her entire selfie career.

Check out these top 10 fan theories that have got everyone talking - which ones do you agree with?

1. Jon Snow makes it out alive

Potentially the biggest watercooler conversation starter in history, the question over whether Jon Snow survives his betrayal is a contentious one. Considering the book version finished at the exact same moment of uncertainty, no one can know for sure. But come on, usually when George R.R. Martin kills of a character, he does it on no uncertain terms. We still believe in you, Jon.

2. Is Tyrion really a Lannister?

It's already pretty obvious that the only thing Tyrion has in common with his family is the amount of gold in his pockets, but one theory suggests that he might not even share their blood, either. Some say that he is actually the son of the Mad King, Aerys, which would make him a Targaryen by blood.

3. Brienne will overcome Cersei

We were introduced to the reason behind Cersei's paranoia with the prophecy from her childhood that said someone "younger" and "more beautiful" than her would eventually cast her down. While it's commonly believed that this refers to the cunning Margaery Tyrell, others think it could mean 'Brienne the Beauty' of Tarth.

4. Theon is a kinslayer

A kinslayer is one who murders his or her own family. So who has Theon apparently killed to earn this name? Some theories suggest that when Theon murdered the two little boys at Winterfell, he briefly thought of their mother, who he had slept with years earlier. It is then possible that he killed his own son - which would go a long way to explaining his bad luck following the act.

5. Syrio lives!

Syrio, everyone's favourite 'dancing teacher' was a fan favourite from the start, and is the original source of the popular quote: "Not today". Could it be possible that he in fact survived the sword fight from when we last saw him, and that he now goes by a new name - and a new face - Jaqen H'ghar?

6. Who is Jon Snow's mother?

We still don't know who Jon Snow's mother is/was, or why it's such a big secret if she really was just some woman from the village. Rumour has it that Jon's mum could actually be Lyanna (Ned Stark's sister), and that his real father could actually be Rhaegar Targaryen. This would mean that he's not only a blood mix of Ice and Fire (get it?), but that he also has a legitimate claim to the throne.

7. Jon Snow has a twin!

Ok, this is the last Jon Snow theory, we promise. Let's look back at the theory that Jon is the son of Lyanna Stark. It's entirely possible that Lyanna actually gave birth to twins, and that Ned, in his quest to protect them, split them up. According to the stories, he gave the other child to good friend Howland Reed. How do you know that name? It's the father of Meera Reed, who has an uncanny resemblance (dark, curly hair and dark eyes) to Jon Snow, and who just happens to be the same age.

8. Everyone dies

Well, it is George R.R. Martin, it would hardly be surprising at the rate he's going. Perhaps the final shot will just be Hodor sitting on the Iron Throne? You heard it here first.