One Card - Triple the Fun


Our new Powercard is here and you’re going to love tapping into all the new benefits.

The Powercard can be used in Kingpin, Timezone and Zone Bowling, meaning you have access to hundreds more games and can shop in any prize redemption store! The new gamecard also uses the latest technology, which gives you the ability to just TAP to start your game, no more swiping or holding a cup of tokens is required.


How do I get my new Powercard?

Purchase a Powercard in any TIMEZONE, KINGPIN or ZONE BOWLING venue and start playing thousands of arcade games!

Can I still use my old card?

No, we’ve changed our system to a Tap-To-Play card reader. You will need to visit us at the counter to replace your old card or cash in your tokens for a Powercard.

When will this change occur?

Each venue will be changing over from now until April. When you visit your nearest venue you will be able to change your card once they have them available.

Will I lose my bonus bucks I bought on the old packages?

No, your balances will be remain as is, and remain valid for 12 months from the last time you used the Powercard. Remember to register your card to ensure that you safeguard your balance.

Will the value of my bonus tickets change?

No. Your ticket balance remains unchanged and has the same value as before.

Do the game prices change?

No. Game prices stay the same.

How much will it cost me to play?

It's up to you. You can recharge any amount, but the larger the amount you recharge the more bonus bucks you will receive.

Why did you change the prices?

The change is in part of big behind the scenes improvements to the Zone Bowling/Kingpin guest experience and value initiative.

Can I split a reload and arcade credit amounts across more than one card?

No. For Arcade Credit to be applied the full amount must be applied to one card. If you split the money across two cards the lesser ratio per card will apply.

Will the games and attractions change?

We’re always on the lookout for the latest and greatest games. Some venues are scheduled for some upgrades and refurbishments with potential game movements. 

Where can I use my Powercard?

You can use your Powercard at any Kingpin, Timezone & Zone Bowling venue. We want you to still be in the running to collect enough tickets to win that plushie you’ve been saving up for no matter what venue!