New arcades: What's hot and what to look out for


Technology! It's made the world a better place, ramping things up to the next level with innovation transforming everything from cars to electronic gadgets. But do you know what else has benefited from improvements in technology? Arcade games.

Here's some of the hottest new arcade games out right now. Head over to your nearest ZONE BOWLING centre to play some of these bad boys!  

Jurassic Park Arcade, 2015

Just in time for the release of epic blockbuster film Jurassic World, this arcade game is brand spanking new and makes you feel as though you're in Isla Nublar beside the dinosaurs. The game boasts a T-rex sized 55 inch high definition LCD display screen, and has nine missions to accomplish with reliable gun sensors.

Travel through the game levels seeing more than 30 different species of dinosaurs dart across the screen in rich graphics with over 1,000 dynamic colour-changing LED lights. Roaring sound also adds a thrill your gaming experience!

Dance Dance Revolution

New models of this beloved arcade boast wider LED screens and flashier LED lights, as well as an updated gameplay and interface. New bonus features include the 'Tag mode' that gives you more points when two players sync up their dance moves and hit the arrows on both pads at the same time. This rewards you with 'Synchro-bonus' points, so you can dance your way to arcade domination.

As always, latest versions of this classic arcade game will offer a newer variety of music, including the beats that have been topping the charts from recent years. Songs are typically loaded onto the machine at regular intervals during the year, too, so no matter when you go you can groove to the music you love.

Here at ZONE BOWLING, we have Dance Dance Revolution arcades aplenty, so bring your mates down for the ultimate dance-off battle. 

Star Wars Battle Pod, 2015 

Venture into outer space with this new arcade game, timed to lead up to the release of the latest Star Wars set to hit the movie screens later this year. The Star Wars Battle Pod Arcade Simulator looks like a futuristic space ship, with the logo in bright yellow above the 180 degree Widescreen View high definition monitor. This monitor gives players an epic view of all the intergalactic battles from the pod deck. 

A special treat of this game is the Force Feedback Joystick, which actually rumbles and vibrates when you shoot down an enemy ship, and a subwoofer inside the cockpit that delivers thundering bass. May the Force be with you!

Super Alpine Racer

Want to enjoy some winter-sports without freezing in the cold? Just jump onto this ski-simulator arcade and carve your way through the slopes! Latest remakes of this arcade game have redesigned courses and a revamped vertical screen to match up to standing players. The screen is in high definition and 55 inches wide, so you can see every ski jump and landing in crisp detail.

Super Alpine Racer has a ''Multi-Pivot' skiing movement platform that mimics the motions of a downward slope, and best of all, the built-in air blowers make you actually feel the wind on your face as you play. You'll feel as though you're really on a snow-capped mountain! 

Arcade party atmosphere 

If you're amped by these arcades, why not host an arcade party for your next birthday bash? You can easily add-on arcade packages to regular bowling and Laser Skirmish birthday deals for the ultimate ZONE BOWLING party atmosphere! We gift the birthday guy or gal a 200 Booster Tickets to redeem in the arcades, and guests are also given eight arcade tokens each, so it's fun for all!