How to improve at Dance Dance Revolution arcade games


If you love to dance, and the groove makes its way through every fibre of your being, chances are you will race to the Dance Dance Revolution as soon as you step inside your nearest ZONE BOWLING centre

This game is much loved by both parents and kids, making for a fun school holiday activity, so why not do your best to really boogie like a pro? 

Here are some tips to make you dance-off like a champion. 

Rehearsal makes perfect

Before you even come to ZONE BOWLING, spend a wee bit of time rehearsing. Professional dancers do it all the time. Succeeding in Dance Dance Revolution is all about precision movements, synchronisation, dancing to the correct beat, and matching your choreography with a partner if you choose to play doubles.

An ideal way to do these things is to practice your hand-eye-body coordination by placing coloured paper on your lounge floor and stepping on a certain colour every time a certain word in the chorus is sung, or a particular beat booms. Invite a buddy round or rehearse with your family so you both could give synchronised swimmers a run for their money (on land). 

Get into the groove

Once you're here at ZONE BOWLING, take a deep breath before you step onto the arcade game. Visualise your inner grace, energy and rhythm, ready to prance like a ballerina who could just as easily turn into a hip hop dancer and pop and lock like a legend. Getting into this positive mindset before you even play is sure to make you dance at your best.

Rhythm is a dancer

As soon as you start playing, keep a close eye on the floor of the machine to see which foot pads lights up. Use the poles behind you for balance whenever needed to hit those pads at the correct moments. Hum along to the music so you naturally sync up with the song's rhythm, or even sing along, to help you time your movements precisely.