Get your ol skool game on


Any kid (and kids at heart) knows the alluring draw of the flash and buzz of the arcade at an ZONE BOWLING centre. From classics such as Streetfighter and Pinball to newer games such as Fruit Ninja or Kung Fu Panda Dojo Mojo, the arcade is the spiritual home for many a gaming enthusiast. Whether you're an obsessive PC gamer or a more relaxed Smart Phone app lover (Neko Atsume, anyone?), there's just something special about winning at arcade games, collecting tickets as you go. 

Even more attractive is the prospect of working towards a goal, of competing to win something special - and what better prize to win than a piece of gaming history?

Enter the board game. The forefather of modern gaming, board games were where many of us first ignited our competitive spirits. With rainy lunchtimes sprawled across the classroom mat concentrating at Connect Four or wine and Cranium nights with friends as adults, board games are an integral part of the gaming experience. Read on for our favourite board games and find out how you can get them back into your lives. 

1) Guess Who

"Can you guess who, it's a mystery?"

We all remember the merry little jingle from when we were kids. Guess Who involves a deck of cards with various characters printed on them and two identical boards with flip up pictures of the said characters. Each player draws a card, then proceeds to figure out who the other player got, taking turns to ask questions. Whoever worked out the other player's card by process of elimination won!

There was nothing quite like the smug feeling of satisfaction and superiority when you figured the other player out. With your powers of deduction, you were practically Sherlock Holmes, you could start your own detective's business and - oh, the game's over. 

2) Connect Four

Simple, elegant, and extremely fun. Connect Four has a basic premise - take turns inserting counters into a frame. The first to get four in a row wins! It sounds easy enough, but, as many an eight-year-old learns, you'll find out who your real friends are during this game. 

Honourable mentions:

It's hard having to choose from some of the most beloved board games of all time. Technically Monopoly should be on a list of favourites, but as a game that tears people apart rather than brings them together...well. 

If you feel like playing any of these, guess what? Now you can. At ZONE BOWLING, we've included these games and others like them as part of our arcade prize pool. Such classics as Uno, Twister, Barrel of Monkeys and Jenga, are all available, so start cashing up those tickets!