Classic arcade games to check out over the school holidays


"Schools out for summer, schools out forever." 

You can practically hear Alice Cooper's guitar riff over the school bell as this classic anthem celebrates the start of summer holiday. Unfortunately, school is not really out forever, which means you need to make the most of every day. When you find yourself back behind your desk, what will you be able to tell your mates you did while away?

Well here at ZONE BOWLING, we have the perfect classic arcade games, to accompany Cooper's jam. When that final bell rings, head to your nearest  bowling alley and arcade centre, and start working on obtaining the high scores of these games. 


What is more classic than Batman? Nothing! When you play this game, you can choose from 10 versions of the Batmobile duking it out against the most villainous villains: Bane, The Joker and Mr Freeze. Playing this game is likely as close as you'll get (and should get) to vigilante justice, so get behind the wheel and protect your city! If you feel like getting really into it, dress up in your best Batman costume, there's no judgement here. 

Lobster Robot 

Lobster and robot - these two words don't make particular sense together. But play this game, and they just do. There's not a whole lot to Lobster Robot, but that's what makes it such a thrill to play, isn't it? Steer your remote controlled racing robot lobster around the area, snag the balls and drop them into the holes with the most points. Now go forth, and steer that lobster - another sentence you thought you'd never say. 

Dizzy Chicken 

The dizziest of all games, Dizzy Chicken aims to confuse your senses, though somehow, you'll always find yourself coming back for more. This is another simple, yet addicting game. Shoot the ball around the dizzying spiral track and get as close to the lit bulb as possible. Careful though, if you plan to do some bowling after this game, you might want to wait a couple of minutes so you don't affect your strike game. Unlike Dizzy Chicken, you need that ball to go straight as an arrow! 

Of course, there are tonnes more games that you can check out in between rounds of intense bowling action as well! As soon as that bell sounds, head on over to your nearest ZONE BOWLING location and get to playing like school really is out forever.