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5 Reasons To Go Bowling On Your First Date

Ah, first dates: so much pressure, so many opportunities for things to get, shall we say, a little bit awkward! A five-star restaurant meal? Trying too hard. Picnic on the beach? Sand, wind, and runaway dogs slobbering over your party pies. Catching a rom-com at the movies? The inevitable kiss scene is bound to be cringe.

Why not try something that’s a little more fun? And by ‘fun’, we mean take your date for a game of tenpin bowling at your nearest bowling alley – it’s a good way to get to know an (almost) stranger and have a laugh while you’re at it. 

Allow us to convince you: here, we count down our top five reasons to go bowling on your first date.

Reason 5: The happiness effect

Tenpin bowling alleys are basically happiness factories: full of laughter and good vibes. But why is this important for a first date? Well, numerous scientific studies have found that happiness is contagious – and what makes you happier than you and your date having a good giggle about other guests’ weird-looking bowling shoes and post-strike victory wiggles? Laughing together is a great way to forge a bond. Tenpin bowling is also a form of exercise (true story): you might not get super sweaty, but all that lifting and carrying and bowling of balls gets your blood pumping and releases endorphins, which can lower stress, improve mood, and enhance your sense of well-being. If that doesn’t sound like the perfect atmosphere for a first date, then nothing does.

Reason 4: Friendly competition = true colours

A bowling alley is a low-stress environment that makes it easier to really get to know your date. Unlike the movies, you can chat as much as you want, have a drink or two, and even engage in a bit of friendly competition – always a good way to suss out someone’s true colours. A casual game of tenpin bowling should make all participants feel relaxed and comfortable, which is important for a successful first date. Just don’t ridicule your date’s gutter balls or brag too loudly about your ‘legendary’ strikes! Remember that if your date is having fun, you’ll probably have fun, too – and you’re more likely to go on a second date.

Reason 3: First contact magic

If things are going well, you can use the old “I’ll help you bowl” trick – especially if your date’s been stuck in the gutter or keeps bowling a flat ball! You’ll always remember that spark of first physical contact, and tenpin bowling presents a non-creepy opportunity to get in touch. Ask your date if you could show them the bowling ropes, and if they’re keen, move in close, show them how to position their shoulders, take their hand and help them bowl the ball down the lane. You might not get a strike, or even a split, but who cares: you’ve just experienced the butterflies of first contact.

Reason 2: Safety in numbers

 If the idea of a one-on-one first date terrifies you, a game of bowling presents the opportunity to rope in some friends and their partners and make it a ‘group’ date. You’ll still be able to connect with your date and get to know them better, and if things go well, it gives them the opportunity to see you out and about with your friends, too. And if you and your date just aren’t connecting? A social game of bowling makes it easy to duck out with grace and prevent any awkward scenarios where you’re left all by your lonesome with hurt feelings and a hefty restaurant bill.

Reason 1: Scope for more fun

 The coolest thing about planning a first date at your local bowling alley? If it’s a Zone Bowling, you and your date can put the cherry on top of a successful evening of bowling by spending some time playing arcade games. It ticks all the great date-activity boxes: fun, bonding, just old-school enough to be cool, making memories… And if you’re lucky, one of you might just win the other the perfect plushie from a claw machine, sealing the deal on a perfect first date spent tenpin bowling.

Been there, got the ‘winning first date’ T-shirt, and ready to take your partner on another bowling date? Book ahead today – there’s an anniversary plushie with your name on it!

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