Super Fun!

Action Packed Fun!

Say YES to FUN with this Action Packed Offer! Bowling? Check. Laser Tag? Check? Arcade and a Drink? Check. Ever wanted it all? Well now you have it for just $27.90!

Bowl & Bevvy

Add fun to your Friday and Saturday evenings with Bowl & Bevvy! Two Games of Bowling + one x House Beer, Wine or Medium Size Soft Drink. Valid from 4PM.
Your Safety is our priority!

Your Safety is our Priority!

Spread Fun not Germs! Find out more about how we're keeping Zone Bowling a safe place to have fun.

NSW guests, please click here to understand more around new booking restrictions to keep everyone safe and help us spread the fun, not germs.

Squeak squeak squeak BAM rrrrr-RRRR-rrrr-RRrr-rrrr clatter clat-clunk clatter.

No, we didn't just drop a bowling ball on the keyboard - that's just our attempt at writing down what it sounds like to bowl a strike.

Grab your friends, your workmates, your family, your neighbours, your old school friends, your book club, your French class - hey, you can even bring your Vegemite appreciation society. Simply gather some of the people you love spending time with and make your way to the alley to experience the buzzing, vibrant setting of your local Zone Bowling Centre for yourself.

We've got more than 30 centres across Australia and you can book online for any of them.

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