No party worth its salt would let its guests go hungry... But cardboardy fries and unidentifiable meat products won't cut it either! That's why Zone Bowling's Taste Test Panel took on the tough job of tasting and rating all of our delicious food options. Tough job, but somebody had to make sure we had yum to add to the fun! The end results? This delicious range of food and snacks, perfect to add to your party package...

It's a cake walk!

  • Hundreds & thousands Ice Cream Cake - $25 (Making people believe in fairies since forever)
  • Chocolate Lolly Ice Cream Cake - $40 (As pictured above)

Shareable Platters (Serves 10)*

  • Sliders - Choice of one per platter $60
         Crispy Fried Chicken/New York Beef/Pulled Pork
  • Pizza (8 slices)* - Choice of one per platter
         Supreme $18/Margherita [V] $16/Pepperoni $17/Prawn and Chorizo $20
  • Tacos - Choice of one per platter $50
          Pulled Pork/Spicy Prawn
  • Tomato and basil arancini served with creamy Chimichurri sauce [V] [GF] $40
  • Vegetarian spring rolls served with plum dipping sauce [V] $30
  • Deli style sandwich board [V options included] $55
  • Potato Bar [V] $30
  • Flaky Filo pastry with cheese and spinach filling [V] $30
  • Mac and cheese croquettes served with Sriracha mayo [V] $45
  • Crumbed calamari served with tartare sauce $45
  • Hot n' smoky BBQ Chicken Wings [GF] $55
  • Popcorn chicken served with aioli $50
  • Fruit skewers [GF] $40
  • Hot cinnamon donuts with Nutella drizzle $28

For allergen enquiries, click here.

Candy Caddy (Lolly Tray)

Our personal favourite. A wonderland of bright colours and sugary candy. There might even be an Oompa Loompa or two in there (Fred from accounts has been missing for a while). Perfect if you don't have the time (or patience) to create your own lolly bags. Each guest can help themselves to their favourites, such as Sour Crawlers or the Zone Bowling Party Mix.  


Thank your guests for joining your birthday party with our iconic Zone Bowling Showbag. Available with any package when booking online. The Zone Bowling showbag is filled with a mix of ten awesome and fun toys for only $6.00 each. Keep the kids entertained for the whole car ride home and then some.


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