School Holiday FUN

Enter the FUN ZONE with a Fun Zone Pass these School Holidays for Bowling, Arcade games and MORE! Check them out and lock in your fun today!

It's BACK!

Have the ultimate adventure at with Bowling, Arcade games, Powertickets and a 600ml Drink, for only $27.90! Available from 27 April for a limited time, don't miss out!

Game On!

Score high in the arcade at Zone Bowling! We have it all from old school classics to the latest and greatest!

Remember the first time you walked into an arcade?

Take a moment - we can wait.

For us, the memory is one of a dimly lit room, dozens of bright machines in all shapes and sizes blinking and bleeping, and kids completely entranced by the games, often swarming around a particular one in excitable packs.

What Zone Bowling has on offer

Different locations have different games, but generally, Zone Bowling Centres treasure a collection of old and new arcade games, mixing the best of the classics and the latest in the new technology such as Fruit Ninja, Doodle Jump, first-person-shooter types, car racing, air hockey tables and more.

See if you can beat your own high score, your friends' high scores, or even the all-time top scores.

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