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Why host a kids Birthday Party at ZONE BOWLING

For kids, Christmas comes twice a year - once on December 25 and once on their birthday.



Birthday Parties

3 quotes you will hear at an EOFY party at ZONE BOWLING

Banter is something that keeps an office fun and exciting. What are some of the quotes that you'll likely hear on a night out a ZONE BOWLING?



Group Events

Sizzling Summer at ZONE BOWLING

The Christmas cheer is flowing and Summer is heating things up on the lanes at ZONE BOWLING



School Holidays

How Family Members will use the ZONE BOWLING Gift Card

Making a present of a ZONE BOWLING gift card is like giving each member of the family their own personal Santa Claus. Just sit back and watch their inner break out.



Group Events

History of the Hot Dog in Australia

A classic and staple of the fast food world, the mighty hot dog is an underrated snack or meal to satisfy anyone?s hunger


Spring Specials

Spring into ZONE BOWLING these school holidays and grab one of our great Food and Beverage deals on to compliment your day in venue


Whats included in our Event Packages

Don't let your team simply go home at the end of the financial year. Put on an event to remember at ZONE BOWLING where the agenda is fun!



Group Events

Sweet Deals at ZONE BOWLING

No matter what time you manage to get down to your nearest ZONE BOWLING, we will have the perfect deal to satisfy your taste buds after some Bowling, Laser or Arcades.