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3 ingredients for the perfect office Christmas party

Planning a Christmas party might seem like a chore at the end of a long year, but it's critical to get it right. Here are three essential ingredients. 



Group Events

If your kid were a party, what would they be?

Every child is different, so planning the perfect birthday party can be quite the challenge. To make it easier, work out what type of kid you've got. 



Birthday Parties

Life in the fast lane: Stepping up to a bowling league

Thinking of taking your bowling to the next level? Join a league to make new friends, up your game, and perhaps even start a pro career. 




3 battle plans for laser skirmish domination

When it comes to laser skirmish, nobody likes to lose. Fortunately, there are a few choice tactics you can adopt to achieve the best results. 



Laser Skirmish

How to avoid a food fight

For a family, choosing where to go for dinner is something of a minefield. One wrong step and everybody's left in a mess! Avoid the battle by dining at ZONE BOWLING.


A fantastic birthday celebration, without the hassle

Everybody loves a good party, but few enjoy the cooking, cleaning and organisation that goes into one. Host your event at ZONE BOWLING and we'll take care of it all. 



Birthday Parties

3 events you can celebrate at your local ZONE BOWLING Centre

ZONE BOWLING centres are great for birthday parties, but those aren't the only events we can host. Read on for a few examples of the many events you can hold here.



Birthday Parties