Why the bowling alley is the perfect fundraising location


When planning a fundraising event for your workplace or club, choosing the venue can often be the hardest decision. A venue can make or break your event - so it needs to be great location.

If you're stuck on where to host a fundraising party, here's why the bowling alley is the perfect place:

It's convenient

Some fundraising efforts involve several locations, volunteering from your colleagues and plenty of time invested. Overall, it can end up feeling a lot like work - but it doesn't have to be that way. Why ask your employees or members to give up their spare time when you could all have a ball at the alley?

Hosting your fundraiser at the bowling alley means one location and one event, and almost no work at all. In fact, a bowling party as your fundraiser won't feel like anything but fun!

It's enjoyable

When your guests are having fun, they're far more likely to feel generous towards your cause. You'll never find yourself at a silent bowling alley - there's always plenty of laughing and joking going on. If you entertain your guests with a bowling party, they may just donate that little bit extra, which is all the better for your workplace or club.

It's versatile

Theme parks might be a little overwhelming for senior citizens, and you'll be hard-pressed to get children to sit through a film you've picked with adults in mind. Bowling, on the other hand, doesn't have any of these exclusions.

Whether your boss's 99-year-old grandma wants to come along or you have a colleague with four kids aged under five, hosting your event at the bowling alley will mean you have no worries about pleasing everyone - bowling is an activity that entertains all.

It's healthy

Fundraisers often involve food. Spare your waistline from those endless packets of biscuits and chocolate by ditching food fundraisers and heading to the bowling alley. You'll even get a workout while you bowl!