Top 4 benefits of hosting a fundraiser at ZONE BOWLING


Want to host a fundraiser for your school or workplace but just can't seem to get motivated to follow through on plans?

Why not choose ZONE BOWLING to host your function - there are plenty of perks that come with a fundraising party at the bowling alley. Here are just four of the top benefits:

It's fun

The number one perk of a bowling party fundraiser is that it's plenty of fun for everyone who attends! You're far more likely to attract attendees and raise funds if your fundraiser comes with laughs and entertainment, and a game of bowling certainly does so.

It's no hassle

If the reason you have been putting off any fundraising efforts is the amount of work you need to put in, a fundraising event at ZONE BOWLING is the perfect option.

Not only is your venue, food and entertainment already sorted, but we'll also provide you with a dedicated sales executive. They'll help manage your event and provide you with tools to promote it, taking all the weight of responsibility off your shoulders - all you need to do is spread the word and turn up!

Plus, we also provide an online portal for you to collect RSVP's and payment, making it really easy for everyone involved.

It's a successful way to raise funds

There's no point in having a fundraiser if it's not successful, which is why ZONE BOWLING is a great location to host yours. Bowling is such a popular activity that you're likely to raise plenty of funds off ticket sales alone, and you can also utilise raffle tickets to further maximise your fundraising totals.

It suits everyone

The fourth perk is that bowling suits everyone, making it a great location no matter what your group. It's an all ages activity and it's easy enough for anyone to give a go, so whether you're a school, resthome or tennis club, a bowling fundraiser will include everyone in your group.