Keep the fun in fundraising with a bowling themed event


When creating a fundraising event, whether standalone or as part of a corporate party, there are a number of factors to consider in order for the occasion to be a success.

Will the weather hold out? What type of fund collection method is best? How much will the actual event cost? These are just a few of the questions that are likely to run through an organiser's mind when planning - and bowling provides a suitable option for all of these instances!

The indoor sport is the perfect activity to structure a fundraising event around as you can be sure that it can still go ahead whatever the weather.

Other practical perks include the fact that there is no clean-up for your company to deal with, as the venue can take care of any leftovers and mess that may be created in the pursuit of raising money for a worthy cause. As there are no cleaning costs to factor in, this is great as the organiser can focus on delivering an event that is sure to be a hit with all the guests.

Finances are integral to a fundraising challenge of any type and size, so choosing a host that can provide a clear, concise breakdown of the prices to put on your fundraiser is essential.

The ticket entry price to a ZONE BOWLING fundraiser is $15, including shoe hire. You can increase this so that your guests are donating just through buying a ticket, which is a simple yet effective way to raise funds for your designated cause in addition to any other fundraising opportunities you may offer.

Once the logistics have been finalised, it's time to run your event. While it's important to carefully consider the business case of any fundraising, it's also necessary to ensure that attendees have a great time - which is where bowling steps in!

Social, fun and competitive in a friendly way, bowling is an ideal sport to get guests active and raise cash in an enjoyable and memorable way.