3 ways to say 'thanks' after a bowling fundraiser


If you're looking for an easy and effective way to raise funds for your business or an organisation of choice, holding a fundraising party at a ZONE BOWLING alley is a great way to make your goals come alive - and hopefully you'll smash the target you set for yourself!

If you did (and even if you didn't!), it's important to remember that the event isn't completely over when you all play your final bowl on the alley. Saying 'thank you' to all your guests and those that helped you make your fundraising work party happen is an essential part of hosting any event - and it's more likely that your guests will want to return should you hold another fundraiser in future.

Here are three quick ways to say 'thank you':

A handwritten note

There's nothing quite as personal or lovely as receiving a thoughtful handwritten note. It can appear far more sincere than a generic group email or typed letter, so if you want to show you really appreciate your guest's efforts, a handwritten letter is the way to go. It doesn't need to be long - simply think up a thoughtful few words for each person. Of course, this option is only realistic if you catered to a relatively small amount of guests.

Bowling vouchers

If you know your guests had fun at your event (of course they did!) why not show them you appreciate their involvement by gifting a small voucher to do it all over again? A bowling voucher for one or two games is sure to please, and will certainly convey your appreciation.

A phone call

The second-best option to a handwritten note is a personal phone call. It only takes a few seconds to phone the attendees of your party, ask if they enjoyed themselves, and thank them for attending - and you will be rewarded when they remember your thoughtful actions and scramble to attend your next event!