3 tips for top team building


There's no doubt efficient teamwork is the key to a successful business - with teamwork comes shared decisions, effective strategies and, potentially, increased profits!

However, having a team that works together well can be easier said than done - and with annoying colleagues and those who don't pull their weight in the office, it can be difficult to want to work as a team at all!

Don't stress - there are ways to create teamwork in the office. Here are three tips for top team building:

1. Socialise outside of work

One way to 'team build' is to stop your employees from viewing themselves as 'just colleagues'. If you only interact with your colleagues in a professional manner, it can be difficult to form the relationship needed for true teamwork. To combat this, it's helpful to organise social events outside of work. And instead of visiting a plain old bar, a corporate party at the bowling alley is the perfect solution - playing a game of bowling will ensure your employees enjoy a stress-free and entertaining evening.

2. Reward positive behaviour

Another way to encourage and cultivate teamwork is to reward it when it happens. If you offer your employees something in return for their effective teamwork, they'll likely repeat it - even if annoying Sally is in their team!

3. Encouraging volunteer work

According to Century 21 Australia, having your company participate in charity events or volunteer work could help to create a better team out of your employees, while helping out a good cause. Working towards a shared goal or vision can help employees unite and relate to each other, and take the pressure off teamwork being about 'work'.

An easy way to do your bit for a charity is by hosting a fundraising corporate party at ZONE BOWLING - you'll earn cash for your organisation and have fun at the same time.