Revesby menu


Revesby Cafe Menu

Something to share

Garlic bread - Garlic Bumper Bread

Bruscetta - House-made Bruscetta Bowler

Mexican sampler - El Mexicano Sampler

Seafood sampler - No Seafood Spared Sampler

Sliders x 3 - The Slider Trio

Chicken pieces - Chicken Dippers


Classic ham, cheese, tomato - The Perfect 300

Hawaiian pizza - Aloha Hawaiian

Spaghetti - Jaffle Italianio

Banana Nutella - Monkey Mudslide


Cheese burger - The Cheesy Strike

Classic - The Classic

Crispy chicken - The Crispy Fowl

Grilled chicken - The Grilled Fowl


Char grilled chicken - "It's a wrap!"

Crispy chicken - "It's a crispy wrap!"

Bean 'n' beef burrito - El Mexicano Wrap

Salad - Meatless in Seattle Wrap

Hot dogs

Traditional - The Classic Tenpin Dog

Topped with bacon and cheese sauce - The Cheesy Dog

Streaky sausage - The 'Winning Streak' Streaky Sausage Dog

Chorizo sausage - The Knock 'em Down Dog


Nuggets - Mini Chicken Dippers

Mini cheese burger - The Cheesy Spare

Chicken snack wrap - Snack Attack Chicken Wrap

Trad. hot dog - The Classic Kid's Dog

Something sweet

Apple bites - Apple Bites

Ice cream sundae - Sundae Best

Churros - Trick Shot Churros

Fondue - Fun-Do