Why bowling is a great sport for the kids


We believe Australia is the home of sport. From our countless gold medallists to our successes in most global sports, Aussies know how to win!

For a parent, this can mean that helping your children choose a sport to pursue can be tricky. Why not turn your favourite family recreation into a fully fledged sporting option.

Although it's not a traditional Aussie pastime, Bowling can be just as exciting, rewarding and fun as kicking a goal on the AFL field. Here are a few benefits of getting your kids involved in bowling.

1) It's a social sport

Bowling might seem like a mind game between you and the pins, but it's definitely more than that. Between strikes, you can share good conversation and laughter with your team, making lifelong friends in the process.

For kids who are a little shy, running around a field might be overwhelming - highlighting the value of the rather peaceful environment of the bowling lane!

2) Learning about numbers

Bowling can be more than just a physically challenging sport. Tenpin bowling can also stimulate the mind by hiding maths and counting skills in every game.

Even with computers keeping score, kids learn to work out how many pins they need to knock out and calculate their own totals. Maths has never been so fun!

3) Equipment isn't expensive

Considering you can rent most of the equipment for a small amount, bowling is quite a cheap sport compared to other pursuits. All your kids need is a decent pair of shoes, a bowling ball and a lane that they can find at ZONE BOWLING.

Do your kids fancy giving bowling a roll?

If the kids have indicated a passion for bowling, our Learn to Bowl sessions could be just the ticket. Over four weeks, ZONE BOWLING Junior Bowl 101 classes will provide all the basic skills that kids need to improve their game. This includes:

  • How to choose the right ball
  • How to approach the lane
  • How to target and swing your arm
  • How to aim
  • The next steps towards league bowling fun

Open for all kids aged between 8 and 13, the 60 minute sessions offer a taster of what it's like to become a bowling pro. You can learn more about these classes here.